Svitlana Sulimova
Employment Sector:
Vinnytsia city center of social services for families, children and youth
Job title:
Management, Politics, Social policy, human rights, gender
Non-party women
Current positions of responsibility:
Vinnytsia city center of social services for families, children and youth, Director
Previous positions of responsibility:
Office for work with families and youth, Department of Family, Children and Youth of Vinnitsa Regional State Administration, Head; Vinnitsa Regional State Administration, Consultant of Head
Evidence of leadership and management:
Participated in the creation of local organizations for Vinnytsia regional organization \"Women for Future” of All-Ukrainian Political Association (2001); Has experience of 3 polling companies. She is currently a head of the above mentioned political association. In 2009 Sulimova became PhD in public administration (theme: \"Governance mechanisms for the protection of women\'s rights in Ukraine). Sulimova is an expert on gender issues, cooperates with the Parliamentary Development Project for Ukraine.
Over 30 publications (articles, manual, books)
1. Woman is epitome of national mentality
2. The role of gender and its female component in the European integration processes in Ukraine in terms of synergy.
3. Gender relations as a construct of ... human rights, women\'s rights
4. Cooperation NGO with regional authorities associations to overcome domestic violence
5. Gender aspects of advocacy Human Rights of the state of Ukraine in modern society.
6. The current state of implementation of ideas of gender equality
7. Introduction of quotas as a way to achieve parity between men and women in Ukrainian society
8. International and national aspects of women\'s rights in the context of European gender equality policies
Areas of Political Interest:
Social sphere, protection of gender rights.